Your Online Storefront

Showcase your offer.
Pile on the value.
Guide your audience from browsing to buying.

When you’re ready to grow beyond the murky waters of feast and famine, you need a website that helps you nourish your audience from Hi to BUY.

Make a splash!

Creating momentum for your business and value for your visitors go hand in hand.

We help you take your web marketing from crickets to clients.

  1. 100% dedication to serve you
  2. 100% custom website
  3. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Goodbye to comatose, tech-heavy websites that are a headache to manage and, let’s be frank, ah-noying to visit.

Hello to your beautiful, smart online storefront!
Communicate your value to the people who need you in a smart, authentic way.

Do any of these sound familiar?


Why do I need a website?

Even if ALL your dream clients are on social media: fleeting rules and a non-committal approach to business are a wonky basis for your livelihood.

For sustainable growth, invite your dream clients to your home ground and build lasting win-win biz relationships.

Your website is where visitors get to know you, prospects learn to trust you, and where your clients refer their acquaintances.

Don’t rely on someone else:
Build your 24/7 online storefront to cater to YOUR clients on YOUR turf.


I'm a tech noob!

We teach you website 101 – and that’s all you’ll need!

Our purpose is to make your path from zero to website as smooth as possible.

We’re curating your 100% custom design on a system that’s simple to manage and logical to grow.

All the tech stuff like safety measures, backups, and updates?

We automate that for you.

Your shiny new website will do you proud and speak to your audience in their language. Quite literally.


I don't know what I want!

All wordsmith websites look the same, and you don’t know how to stand out from the online noise?

With our signature questionnaire and a 1-on-1 branding session,
we help you establish what your audience is looking for and build from there.

Your shiny new website will be made to cater to your dream clients specifically.

More than that: We help you shine.

Let’s create a client experience that goes from HI to HIRE with value, panache, and grace.

From Zero to Website in 6 steps (and a Bonus!):

Step 1

Cherry-Pick your Project scope

Get in touch to discuss your marketing strategy and website wishlist.
Nicole will personally answer all your questions during a 1-on-1 Zoom meeting.

Step 2

Save Your slot

Your project proposal holds all the details and your timeline.
Read, sign, and save your slot.

Did you know?
We offer installments and grant a discount for full upfront payment!

Step 3

Branding Strategies

We’ll send you the encrypted link to your website questionnaire. It works twofold, giving you a chance to dive deep into your niche, purpose, and your clients’ needs and enabling us to share in that vision and turn it into sweet reality.

During your 1-on-1 brand strategy session with Nicole, you’ll talk web marketing and strategies, targeted at your specific audience.

Step 4


This is when your website becomes a reality!
Our web design muse will create a collection of concepts for you to cherry-pick from.

We’ll develop your shiny new website while you browse our exclusive image libraries and land on your favorites.

Finally, we add your content in one or more languages.

Did you know?
Your voice, your value: our writing services are strictly confidential.

Step 5

QA and Review

Together, we’ll walk the nooks and crannies of your new website.

Think white gloves and a fine-toothed comb: We polish your new online storefront to client-charming, happy-dance perfection.

Step 6

Launch Day!

Once you’re 100% happy (remember our guarantee?) with the look, feel, and features of your website, it’s cut-the-ribbon time!

Step 7


Did you know? Your video website management tutorial and plain language tech manual are part of EVERY project.

Ready to plan your grand opening?


Read from our Dream Clients:

The Biz Muses should actually call themselves The Biz Fairies.
They really did a superb job on my website, both design and content.
Nicole put “my story” beautifully into words when I didn´t even know where to begin.
The design exceeded my expectations and I´m so in love with my new website!!

Nani Delgado

mbuna translations

I am absolutely thrilled with the CV and company brochure that Nicole created for me. I am a copywriter and translator, but even though I write for a living, I found it incredibly difficult to write about myself and I didn’t know what to include. Nicole has the industry knowledge to create a CV and brochure that tell my future clients what they need to know without overloading them with unnecessary details. Thank you for your expertise!

Kristal Fellinger

Fellinger Communications

Nicole has truly lived up to and surpassed my expectations. She took the time to understand my WHY and MISSION, rewrote my landing page from cliche to converting, and I’m so in love with the About Page she wrote for me. THANK YOU, Nicole, I’ll be back!

Silvia Stauss


Choose your Website Package:

Yours with every Project:


What's that plugin for?

Don’t worry: Your new online home requires no vacuuming and very minimal maintenance.
And your custom PDF web tech guide makes managing your site fast, fun, and foolproof. Guaranteed.

What's going on?

Questions? Sneak peek?
Your personal, encrypted link follows your project in the making, from zero to website.
As a Biz Muses client, you’re on our forever VIP list, and we’re just an email away.

Website walk-through

Congratulations on your shiny new website!
As a cherry on top, your thorough video website walk-through awaits: Learn how to add posts and content, and how to use the behind-the-scenes perks we added, just for you.

Ready to plan your grand opening?

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