a Recap by Martina Eco

It’s been a couple of months since the Canary Translators Conference in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
If I close my eyes and free my mind, I can still hear the sound of the waves crashing onto the shallow rocks on the Paseo de Las Canteras and the resounding laughter of a group of translators happily walking towards a local tapas restaurant on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The Canary Translators Conference was nothing like other conferences you might be used to.
No need for business suits and smart attire, no compulsive I-want-to-work-for-you networking, no tension. Instead, there was a relaxed atmosphere, the desire to create real connections with colleagues, and the chance to take a dip in the blue ocean during lunch break.

More importantly, the quality of the CPD sessions was outstanding.

The 3-hour masterclasses allowed participants to learn from the speakers, put theory into practice, and then share with the group to learn from each other.
Instead of a big bunch of shallow presentations, speakers dove deep into their areas of excellence.

This was the real added value for me. Sometimes you can read dozens of books and articles about a certain topic, go to seminars and attend webinars about it, but when the time comes to get practical, you get stuck. Until you find someone to talk to and listen to, someone who understands the struggle, someone you can share ideas with, and come up with solutions together.

Or you may think you’ve explored all possible avenues when it comes to promoting your business until someone tells you about a truly creative promotional activity you would have never imagined.

And that’s what happened to me.

As a business and marketing consultant, I thought I wouldn’t learn much at the conference.

After all, the skills and topics discussed are the ones I deal with on a daily basis! During the three workshops I attended at the Canary Translators Conference (LinkedIn Marketing by Martina Russo, Client List Expansion Techniques by Virginia Katsimpiri, and Business Plan and Vision by Sarah Henter), however, I learned a lot.

Not only from the speakers, who were extremely knowledgeable and professional yet friendly and caring but also from all the other participants. Learning about other people’s experiences and struggles, and discussing ideas with others, made me realize there’s much more to business than my way of doing business. There’s a lot more I can do to push my own limits.

Sometimes we get trapped in our way of doing things, essentially limiting our own potential, because it’s safe, it’s comfortable. Creating connections and having a collaborative spirit can help us get out of the spiral and expand our views.

That, for me, is the real power of our industry.

That, for me, was the real value of the Canary Translators Conference.

I’d like to thank Nicole for organizing the conference and making us feel welcome and valued.
I’d also like to thank all the wonderful colleagues I met: the ones I only talked to briefly as well as the ones I can now call friends. Thank you, Martina, Virginia, Ellen, Sabine, Luna, Stephanie, Olga, Nathalie, Adriana, Roberta, Sarah, Ann-Sophie, Patricia, Marie-Claire, David, Aida, Grace, Jeannette, Kyle, Olaf, Petr, Silvie, Gina and everyone else!

Author Bio

Martina is a coffee-fuelled, pizza-loving Italian translator based in London. She’s the owner and director of 3P Translation, a company that helps English-speaking SMEs in the food, tourism and hospitality industries grow internationally by providing bespoke translation and interpreting services.
Martina also works as a business and marketing consultant at London South Bank University. She supports other translators by writing about marketing, business planning and business development on her blog, and by giving workshops in and outside of London.
When she’s not working, you will find her headbanging at a rock gig, or browsing through CDs in charity shops.

Thank you!

The 2018 Canary Translators conference took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as a workshop conference organized and sponsored by The Biz Muses. Our software sponsors AIT donated free AnyCount licenses to all attendees and TO3000 licenses for our speakers. The Biz Muses donated an exclusive canvas bag with a yearly planner and assorted treats for busy wordsmiths. Nomad City Gran Canaria donated stickers, the Bed and Chic Hotel, our host for the Saturday rooftop networking soiree, provided flash drives, and Zoe Food gifted our attendees with organic teas.

The biggest thank you belongs to our fantastic speakers:

Jeannette Bauroth, Imke Brodersen, Richard Delaney, Martina Eco, Sarah Henter, Virginia Katsimpiri, Alessandra Martelli, Martina Russo, and Ellen Singer

We’ll be back in 2020! Want to be the first to know? Sign up for Conference News HERE!

Ellen Singer:

The first Canary Translators conference consisted of workshops which provided in-depth knowledge on a variety of subjects. The friendly atmosphere ensured friendships between colleagues were strengthened, renewed and started. The social time we spent talking about life and work. Las Palmas was a wonderful location for a conference.

Nathalie Reis:

The Canary Conference was very unlike many of the conferences I have attended so far. The small groups for each workshop allowed for a very high level of interaction and learning, the speakers were highly knowledgeable and generous, the venue in Las Palmas ideal for mixing work and pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thank you to Nicole for organising such an ambitious training event!

Sabine Holz:

“The Canary Translators Conference 2018 was an excellent event with great speakers, insightful presentations and lovely colleagues. As announced, the participants got “Sun, sand and CPD” on a wonderful island – what more could one wish for?”

Adriana Tortoriello:

“What a fabulous event – 1st-class speakers, amazing location, and great company. Give us an encore, Nicole!”

Luna Jungblut:

“What I loved about the Las Palmas conference was how much personalized advice we were able to get from the wonderful speakers. It was really invaluable and I learnt a lot. And, naturally, being able to go watch the ocean during coffee breaks was an awesome perk. Thank you, Nicole, for this wonderful conference”

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