Do you wake up in the middle of the night, feeling like you’re stuck, trapped, like you need an oxygen mask?

Do you feel unable to lose the slow and foggy in the morning?
And when you finally get up to working speed, on comes the overwhelm?

Are you exhausted? Drained? Ready to give up?

You are not alone.

Entrepreneur overwhelm is everywhere.

External/internal awareness of the information bombarding us every day can result in decision-making overload.
In other words: stress, burnout, isolation, negativity that carries from your business life into your personal life, that translates into poor decision-making abilities, and a lack of efficiency and productivity.

Do you find yourself second-guessing yourself?

Round and round the carousel goes, even when you had already “made up your mind” once and for all.

Raise your hand if you’re an overthinker.

Caught in a loop that you can’t break. A loop that you can’t disrupt because you’re second-guessing yourself (even on that). You’re doubting your own capacity to make good choices for yourself, to choose the right paths for your business.

Big decision.
Small decision.
NO decision.

Is it possible to break that cycle?


And it all starts with a choice, your choice.

Join Nicole and me this Friday, when we’re talking about my path and purpose:

The power of choice.

I will share the three keys that will allow you to make better choices every time and will help you reduce your stress levels and get better sleep.

Think: A three-step habit that helps you make better choices on a consistent basis. Ditch overwhelm; take back control of your time, your life, your path to business bliss.

One of the things I teach is how to simultaneously use the left side and the right side of your brain — winning you clarity around the choices that you need to make.

Re-design your day.

Go from overworked hamster wheel runner to high-performance leader.
The capacity to make choices by simultaneously using right-brain and left-brain strategies emüpers you to design your day, your week, your year, your career, your practice, your business, your future, any moment in time to what you value most, so you can create freedom, more success and more wealth for yourself.

Imagine how wonderful it would be for you to KNOW the right choice to make for yourself, every single time.

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Stop second-guessing yourself, with Dr. Marina Bruni
Dr. Marina Bruni is an executive coach, author, international speaker and dual qualified lawyer with over two decades of experience in the financial services industry.
An NLP Licensed Master Practitioner and Trainer, Marina has trained with Dr. Bandler, the co-creator of NLP.
With the mindset of a lawyer and the skill-set of a coach, Dr. Bruni fast-tracks her private and corporate clients through shifts using innovative and proprietary methods from her The Power Of Choice: Brain Activation Mastery Programme.
Marina speaks 4 languages, and loves dark chocolate and traveling the globe.

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