Writing for clients.
Writing for marketing.
Writing for business.
Looking from the outside in, you’re not doing too shabby.
But it’s HARD, writing about yourself on your website.Almost as hard as coming up with week after week of marketing content.

Or finally hitting PUBLISH on a social media post fueled by giant mugs of lukewarm coffee, for the grand reward of 3 likes and 1 measly comment  –  an  A. Humbug telling you about a missing comma.

Here’s where most entrepreneurs get stuck:
You want your readers to understand your value and purpose – when all they’re interested in is their takeaway.

Focusing on your message results in stagnant content. Content that reaches your reader at an intellectual level – if that.
But the biggest part of any value exchange are EMOTIONS.
Focus on who your message is for, their mental image of themselves, their struggles, their goals, their admiration.

Learn to communicate your value in context to your reader’s lifetime movie.

Here’s why:

✔ Writing content that relates to your reader’s WHY will helps you guide your audience from browsing to buying, and repel the tire kickers, time wasters, and no-payers.
✔ Creating spot-on content for your clients means serving them before you ever talk business, and, when the time is right, have them happily pay you premium.
✔ Focussing on your reader’s needs gives them a taste of what working with you will feel like. You’ll build trust and connection, and stay front of mind.
✔ Stepping out of your box and writing R.I.C.H. content  let’s you ditch blocks cold-turkey: No more staring at that blinking cursor. 

Now, what is R.I.C.H. content?

R = Relatable
I = Intentional
C = Consistent
H = High-Quality

Stick with these four and you’re GOLDEN.

Here are some pointer to get you started:

✔ Start with a STRONG headline & name the key takeaway in the first paragraph:
Delight your audience in just 3 seconds – sometimes that’s all you got!

Focus on how your value translates in yor clients’ world.
They’re focused on THEIR business: Spinning content GOLD means catering to your prospects’ “lifetime movie”, their issues, their goals, their needs.

✔ No need to reinvent the wheel: Start from real-life situations and shoot for time-savers, actionable advice, content that helps your readers TODAY.

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