Nicole König · Literary Translation

Nicole König · Literary Translation

Client: Nicole König, EcoQuent
Date: 2018
Project: logo design


Client View

The Biz Muses are a labor of love. They came to life through a series of events: nudges from colleagues, fellow wordsmiths struggling with finding a superstar web designer, someone to help them set a stake, develop a unique brand, create a custom logo and an online presence that truly stands out from the masses.

Fast-forward two years and I’ve assembled a team of genius geeks – or geek geniuses. I adore every single one of them, not least because they all donate time and money to animal or environmental activism, they’re self-made entrepreneurs, and all-around wonderful human beings.

What better way to celebrate than having my own website and logo re-done, finally, as a first Biz Muses project? The results are formidable: a bit out there + devoted to my niche = 100% me.

The best part: My website won me THREE book projects in its first three weeks online and every single client commented on how they loved my website.

Nicole König


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