If you clicked on this post to get help on your quest to make it big on all the platforms and you already tried triple-shots of espresso and all-nighters spent planning out your social media feeds –  and then found a little tear (or bead of sweat) trickling down your beautiful face when you realized that posting is just the entry ticket but that it’s taking the time to genuinely engage that will get you the wins, here’s my tip for you:

Before you jump into the action on 17 different platforms and, a week into the game, see your reflection in your home office window looking somewhat Hagrid-Style from lack of sleep and stress to make it ALL work, my 1st tip for social media marketing is to find your dream clients’ favorite place to be and make that place your priority. LI users have a VERY different mindset than IG users than Twitter users than Facebook users.

Now, IF your new focus platform has a visual aspect AT ALL, my secret weapon for social media is Social Curator.
Gave that one to you without much of a preamble, didn’t I?
That’s because this is the ONE subscription that rules them all, money well spent, and, quite seriously, my winner for smartest biz investment 2019.
Social Curator took me from spending hours trying to find the PERFECT image and caption to my biggest time-saving process this year: 1 minute to post and then ample time to REALLY talk to my favorite people: YOU.

Let’s look at Instagram for an example.

For me, Instagram is the platform with the most potential right now. Also, I  fell in love with it on eighth sight –  after realizing that I DON’T need to be Insta-Cool to make Instagram work for me.
Instagram lets you bring immense value to your audience in a relaxed atmosphere with human connections as the main driver. When I learned that what my (to me) surprising Instagram projects of my dreams (as I lovingly call them) have in common was a little thing called human connection, I started diving deeper – and used the EcoQuent IG profile to test drive different strategies.

Basically, I went circling the web, on a quest to find the one that would spark trust and kinship between me and my dream clients.

Here it is: Write to them online like you would talk to them in person over coffee (or amazing English Breakfast tea).
There’s no need (and no use) to pitch on social media. Your clients GOT that you’re a translator – if you set up your profiles accordingly and have your business website in place.
Instead, walk Instagram with fresh eyes and an open mind, LEARN from your audience what THEY value, what they need, what they want to read.
Connect on a human level and weave genuine human connections that will, I promise, prove much more reliable in the long run.

Now, if you’re like me, posting the 25th selfie on your timeline doesn’t come naturally to you – also, you want to enter your clients’ world and cater to them – not drag them into your world selling to them. Big difference.

So what if you had at your disposal beautiful pictures that are NOT part of everybody and their weird uncle’s feed already aka all over the web anywhere aka free to download from Unsplash and associates?

What if someone delivered professionally shot images & captions to you every month that, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, took away the HOURS of searching the perfect picture to make your feed look as cool as all the other IG feeds?

That’s Social Curators.
That, and so much more: For your monthly subscription fee, you get access to a truly extraordinary Facebook community of outrageously generous people from all different walks of life and business –  a treasure in itself. Members will go out of their way to add tutorials and free images of their own, plus, if you REALLY want to learn Instagram from one who REALLY made it work for herself, Jasmine Star, owner of Social Curator, is your leading lady.
Her training and monthly group lives have me energized and inspired and I’d love that for you, too.

Why you should join Social Curator this June:

Social Curator has a little competition going on among its members in June and – me DESPERATELY wanting to win a branding shoot in California – if YOU decide to sign up for Social Curator in June, I’ll gift you The Biz Muses’ email script collection for wordsmiths priced GBP 99 worth on top of your subscription. Yes, FOR FREE. AND my tutorials on how to set up your Social Curator captions and images to post your IG in 1 minute daily. AND my Social Curator Trello board ready for you (and with the first captions as an added bonus). AND how to make it ALL come together, bulk-planning your month ahead so it takes you an hour per month of content, freeing you up to engage, communicate, actually TALK to your audience.

In Summary: For $37, you’ll receive the full scope of Social Curator goodness PLUS

  1. Email Script Collection: https://resources.themuses.biz/scripts
  2. Tutorial on Trello for Social Curator
  3. Trello board and automated content library setup

Click here to sign up through my referral link.
Then claim your bonus gifts here: nicole@themuses.biz


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