A brand is a set of expectations that, together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one service over another.

Seth Godin

Logos & Visuals

Say NO to stock logos.

Say YES to your unique brand visuals.

Picture it: vast plains, LOTS of grazing zebras. Some gnus.
And you: The Unicorn.
The flamingo among pigeons.
Hermoine among a crew of Crabbes & Goyles.

Let’s create your memorable online presence with a logo and branding that’s all you and all yours, forever.

Do any of these sound familiar?


What's a Brand?

Your brand is the manifestation of the collective emotions you spark in your audience, your clients, your business partners.
From the kindness you display online to the way you answer your phone to your levels of post-sale buyer pampering: your brand is your reputation.


Why do I need brand visuals?

The online universe is vast, and it’s loud. Whenever, wherever you cross paths with your dream clients, you want them 
to instantly recognize you.
Your brand visuals drown out the noise, and help your dreamies to follow your content to its marvelous source: YOU.


Where would I even start?

So glad you’re asking. Help is here!
Let us guide you on your journey from wordsmith to brand.
From your 1-on-1 strategy session to your shiny new brand visuals, we are devoted to delight and pamper you every step of the way,

You deserve a visual brand as unique as you are:

Let’s bring all your dream clients to the yard.

What are you getting?

Logos & Visuals

Your hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind logo, created per your wish list and polished to perfectly represent you.
Happy-dance included.

Your logo pack:
Primary logo, secondary logo, seal version, round version, logo mark.
Social Media layouts, PNGs, vector files,…

Your custom brand guidelines:
Logo and brand use and misuse, fonts and color codes, tips and best practices.

Here are the steps:

Step 1

Your Wishlist

Get in touch to discuss your project scope and how we make your branding wishes come true.
We love lending our eyes and expertise – book your free strategy meeting now.

Step 2

Question time!

Your inbox dings with an encrypted link to your visual design questionnaire.
Dive deep into your vision of a perfect visual brand,
then watch us turn your vision into sweet reality.

Step 3


VIP service only.
Your design muse creates 2 to 5 logo concepts for you.
Every hand-drawn logo concept is 100% unique and designed for you.
You cherry-pick one, or a whirlwind of all of them.

Step 4


Exciting times! Your shiny new visual brand emerges.
We put your logo in context to set the real-life scene for you.
You approve the final logo before the big reveal.

Step 5

Logo Add-ons

You ordered additional items like business cards, social media graphics, letterheads, or email signatures?
This is where they come to life: all unique, all you.

Step 6


We send you an encrypted link to your personal logo folder.
Here, you’ll find all your files, neatly stored and labeled,
and can quickly implement your new logo sans the head-scratching.

Step 7


Once a Biz Muses Client, always in our hearts:
We send you a link to our client library, where you’ll find biz templates and resources JUST for you.

We work with the Best of the Best:

OMG, I LOVE my new logo!!
I know that I wasn´t easy to please, but the Biz Muses took the time to really understand what I needed.
Their designer did a terrific job! The logo is absolutely amazing: the shape, the colors… they really “got” me! And the brand guidelines on how to use it are very well done.
I´m so happy with the results!

Nani Delgado

mbuna translations

I’m so excited about my new logo! Marija did a really great job, she understood perfectly what I wanted and the result is a logo that represents me in the most honest way: it’s colorful, unique, original and fun.

The brand identity guideline is very helpful to understand the entire creative process and the way to use the different logo formats.

I can say nothing but this: my new logo is what I was asking for and even more!
I’m so SO happy! Thank you very much!

Mara Cioffi

The Hypochondriac Translator

When we started working on my logo, I knew what I wanted to convey but had no idea how to express it visually.

The Biz Muses really got what I was looking for and managed to shape my blurry thoughts into a design that I immediately fell in love with.

I couldn’t be happier!
And the brand materials the Biz Muses also created for me really boosted my confidence when marketing to potential clients.

Angelica Coda

Voicing your Message

The Logo Pack. Yours for £397

Logos & Visuals

Purpose meets pretty: a boutique approach that show’s off your perfect 10.

You’re more than a pretty logo.
We focus on what matters to the people you serve, how your brand communicates your value –  and sparks that lovely cha-ching sound of successful win-win business relationships.

Your hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind logo, created per your wish list and polished to perfectly represent you.
Happy-dance included.

From us to you. With Love:

  • Primary logo
  • Secondary logo
  • Seal version
  • Logomark
  • Social Media layouts for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram

All standard industry file formats will be included:
vector file formats (.ai, .eps and .pdf), a high-resolution .psd (photoshop file) and a bitmap .png (with transparent background) and .jpeg for web usage.

Your custom brand guidelines:
Your logo’s story and much more.
Shows you how to use your logo optimally, lists your brand colors and fonts for easy reference, and even teaches you how to use your brand visuals to gain traction and become visible and memorable for your audience.

Cherry-pick Your Favorite Add-ons!

Social Media & Branding

Swappable header images for your Facebook group, Facebook page, LinkedIn & Twitter profile, and Landing pages.


Business Cards

Front and back, standard industry formats, satisfaction guaranteed.



Letterhead / Invoice

Custom work, like all our designs.

2 versions and 2 rounds of revision.


Email signature

Includes your logo or profile image, business details, social media links, and a call to action.



Entrepreneurs don’t have CVs!
They have beautiful portfolios:

interactive PDF & encrypted link, password-protected

Design and Content:


Marketing Materials

à la carte

ask for our portfolio!

Yours with every Project:

100% Custom Work

Your logo will be hand-created by your design muse –  yes, from scratch. Your design is 100% custom and we guarantee to make your vision and wishes come true.

What's Going On?

You’re part of your project, every step of the way: With your encrypted link, you can follow the progress and see your logo come to life, from zero to happy dance!

Biz FFs

Once a Bis Muses Client always in our hearts: After project completion, you’ll receive your access token to your client library, filled with bonus resources just for YOU.

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