Happy Monday to you!

How’s your week looking so far?
Are you all set up in the land of healthy bottom lines and business bliss?
For me, that means:
  • translating/writing for $$$ about 15 hours a week
  • ample time to
    • network and pay it forward: spend time with my favorite people and meet new ones
    • biz muse: record new video tutorials for our client-only marketing library, prepare for the Friday Coffee Hour, pamper our dream clients (last week I sent out Mantra bands to all our 2019 clients!)
    • spend afternoons in the garden, with the dog and kitten dozing in the sun, the tiny pond-waterfall gurgling, and my current read, the bone-chilling “7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle”.
      Haven’t read it yet? You MUST –  but cancel all offline social engagements before you do –  the urge to lock yourself in, preferably with a whole pack of guard dogs, will be overwhelming.
How to SHOW UP both for your business and your dream clients

If you’re not quite there yet, believe me: YOU can live the total package.
And get paid like one.


On your own website serve them with a blog, a growing FAQ that automatically posts to social platforms, or a link to your long-content IG channel: inside the Copywriting Summer School, we’ll talk about setting all these up with a click and a swish!
On the wide wild web, publish content to REACH THE PEOPLE WHO NEED YOU, aka your dream clients. Give them a chance to find you, fall in love with you, pay you the big bucks.
Here are some portals, I talk more about them in our Coffee Hour “How to Website copy and Content”.

    • medium.com ( https://medium.com )
    • Plume (  https://joinplu.me/  )
    • Steemit (  https://steemit.com/  )
    • and on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram (Instagram LOVES long content!)


Choose an organization you believe in (meaning do your homework before you sign up, just like you would with any client) and let your light shine.
Some of the big ones:

CREATE YOUR BEST WORK for every client you say yes to, and work on getting better.

Being known for highest-quality results and first-class client experience is not the stuff of magic beans.
It’s how I manage to wordsmith part-time while earning a full-time salary and enough time to do ALL the things I dream of doing, see above.

    1. Start with the realization that you can LEARN YOUR SIGNATURE VOICE; STYLE; AND EDGE.
    2. Set a clear goal of what you want to be known for, what you want your business to look like, 1, 2, 5, 10 years from now.
    3. Then, you literally put your money where your goal is:
      Invest time.
      Invest brain power.
      Invest money in yourself because you KNOW where you’re going and YOU’RE READY TO WORK YOUR WAY THERE.

How to SHOW UP both for your business and your dream clients

Ask yourself:
Do you love yourself and your business enough to go all the way?

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