The “trick” to making the sale happens long before the actual pitch:

  1. Dare to live your purpose. Pivot or niche down or change lanes or hyper-focus. Going ALL THE WAY starts with doing business within your area of brilliance.
    If YOU don’t believe you’re one of the best, most dedicated “enter your job description here,” why should your audience?
  2. Watch. Listen. Learn.
    Your target audience already has a working network, a platform where they hang out, air their grievances, talk about their roadblocks, ask for advice and support.
    If the www is your treasure map, this is the ❌.
  3. Evolve. It’s not a “secret to working the on-switch” scenario where you buy into a guru, and suddenly there you are, rich as fudge and traveling the world first-class.
    Show up for your dream prospects. Serve. Learn. Repeat.

When you KNOW who your best choice for a service, program, or product is, you WANT to make them happen for your business.
Being in sync with your dream prospects and understanding their business means you cater to their pain points and set your value in context to their path.
Showing up for your audience with RICH content (relevant, intentional, continuous, high-value) is your zero-cost, all-you path to becoming their obvious choice, their dream business partner.

Reasons your pitch doesn’t work:

  1. It comes out of the blue.
  2. Your prospects don’t trust your expertise/skill (yet), related to 1.
  3. Your prospects feel you’re condescending/trying to milk them for money rather than genuinely invested in their success.
    Think about how YOU feel about all the “coaches” popping up in your feed uninvited.
    I KNOW you watch them pitch their no. 1 “rags to riches” in a book/course/program/other quick fixes.
    Do you believe they care about you?
    Would you believe them if they had shown up for you with valuable content sans a sales pitch and left the choice of if and when you’re ready to buy up to you?
  4. Your prospects don’t SEE how your value impacts their business or path.
    Your job is to communicate your value and give them a taste of your superpower. How would working with you make your prospect’s path shorter, sweeter, safer, more successful?

It all comes back to genuinely caring about your audience and showing you care, commit, and CAN through your content.
Your content is your profit propeller. The magic of building a relationship, growing to be a vital part of your prospects’ world happens miles before the pitch.
The good news is that branding, which used to be a big player’s game, reserved to companies with humongous marketing budgets, is now, thanks to social media, the game of YOU.
Even if NOBODY knows you, the door is open for you to show up for your dream prospects and plant your flag.
Pile on the value through amazing content that serves them. THEM.

Your dedication to your prospects’ outcome + RICH content that establishes you as their favorite choice = planting your flag in their world.

Marketing is a tool – your offer and intention turn it into a force for good.

If you had nuts to sell, it would be about letting the squirrels know that you’re the one with the freshest, tastiest, in short, the BEST nuts.

Instead of working so hard trying to sell to zebras or tigers or sharks, those who’re not interested in nuts or hate the taste, you would cater to the crowd who already knows they WANT/NEED what you have on offer.

The obvious choice: The person your dream prospects, the people who already know they need what you have to offer, WANT to call as soon as they’re ready to buy.

Step by step, become known for whatever your area of brilliance is, become the obvious choice, the person your target audience feels they MUST have for their business.

When they know, as you know, that you’re the best and most dedicated choice in your niche?
That’s when you’ll start bringing in the hay.

Dream bigger.
Build your dream business in the land of healthy bottom lines by focussing on where your target audience’s pain points overlap with your passion, talent, and expertise.
Prove your expertise, and dedication to their outcome by serving them with RICH content – on whatever platform they prefer.
Step by step, establish rapport and plant your flag.
Whenever they’re ready, you’ll be the obvious choice, no pitch needed.

Serving beats Selling:

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