Brand storytelling is not about pushing advertising.
It’s about bringing value.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Copy & Content

Hone your brand message, increase your profitability and deploy some badass marketing by piling on the value for your audience.

Your content builds a buyer journey that has your audience think:
Joy. Value. Niche Expert:

The best marketing move ever is CARING about your audience.

Your relevant, specific and intentional content caters to your niche and makes them feel like you hid inside their journal, like you’re inside they’re head.

If your intentions go beyond the mere act of selling, if you’re brave enough to expose your purpose and mission, your audience will respond.

They will connect. They will like you. They will buy.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I'm lost for words!

Finding the perfect mix between strutting your services and creating emotional pull can be a TAD demanding.
Cue a blinking cursor, ready to drive you insane.

With our CONTENT IS KING service, not one, not two, but THREE highly trained muses write up a storm for you.

How is this serving me?

Your dream clients can’t wait for you to woo them.
Your readers seek the perfect person to help THEM reach THEIR goals, represent THEIR purpose, serve THEIR business.

We set your brand story in relation to your audience to establish authority and leverage your worth.

Where do I star(t)?

When we say we write up a storm for you, we mean business.

Distinctly-you content tells your brand story in relation to your dream clients:

You’re their Gandalf – a force for their cause, ready to guide them towards their version of a happy ending.

Need a hand?

Copy Audit, Copy Coaching, or Copy all taken care of:

Just between us word slingers:

Copy & Content

Whether you’re here because you


  • would rather binge The Nanny reruns than spending one more second staring at that cursed cursor.
  • wrote beautiful native copy and need someone to translate your expertise and charm for your English or German readers.
  • are determined to go from starving poet to charging your worth without sounding like a used car dealer.

We won’t stop until you’re happy-dancing around your office.

What Others Say

OMG, I LOVE my new logo!!
I know that I wasn´t easy to please, but the Biz Muses took the time to really understand what I needed.
Their designer did a terrific job! The logo is absolutely amazing: the shape, the colors… they really “got” me! And the brand guidelines on how to use it are very well done.
I´m so happy with the results!

Nani Delgado

mbuna Trnalsations

Nicole has truly lived up to and surpassed my expectations. She took the time to understand my WHY and MISSION, rewrote my landing page from cliche to converting, and I’m so in love with the About Page she wrote for me. THANK YOU, Nicole, I’ll be back!

Silvia Stauss


I am absolutely thrilled with the CV and company brochure that Nicole created for me. I am a copywriter and translator, but even though I write for a living, I found it incredibly difficult to write about myself and I didn’t know what to include. Nicole has the industry knowledge to create a CV and brochure that tell my future clients what they need to know without overloading them with unnecessary details. Thank you for your expertise!

Kristal Fellinger

Fellinger Communications

Ready to get started?

You’ll get these with every project:

Maverick, Iceman & Goose

Just kidding.

But we ARE the Top Gun among copywriters:

When we’re not writing, we’re honing our skills for you:

  • Copy School
  • Copy Cure
  • Copywriting by the Institue for Media and PR

and that’s just 2019.
Cue “Highway to the Danger Zone.”


Our Signature Process

  1. Big-Pic Brushstroke Questionnaire
  2. Live Strategy Session
  3. Serious Word Slinging
  4. Join us for Feedback and
  5. Polishing your Message to an
  6. “I Love this!” Shine
  7.  Your Green Light
  8. Launch Time with a side of Happy Dance!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Biz FFs

Once a Bis Muses Client always in our hearts:

As soon as you send us a video of your office happy dance – or, you know, a big, fat I LOVE IT” in reply to receiving your final copy version, we invite you into our client library. Access

  • bonus resources
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All for YOU.

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