When you left the 9-5 and became a freelancer, you probably had visions of freedom.

The freedom to set your own hours, the freedom to charge what you’re worth, the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, to spend more time with your family, to practice self-care, to take a day off without explaining yourself to your boss.

And yes, freelancing should be like that. But if you’re like many freelancers, things might look very different than what you imagined when you made the leap.

Are you’re working for low rates and feel like you’re forced to accept every job that comes your way?

We’re here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re still stuck in the treadmill of low-paid work, it’s time to change the way you view yourself and your services. You aren’t just a faceless commodity — you’re a specialty product!

You have talents and knowledge that are different than what anyone else has to offer —

Once you start recognizing and showcasing our strengths, you’ll find that the world of freelancing will totally change for you.

Let’s look at table salt as an example. Wait, you’re asking yourself, why are we talking about salt? Bear with me for a moment. All table salts are the same. They’re plain, uninteresting, and they all taste the same. So when it’s time to buy some, you just pick the least expensive one, which costs just a few cents per ounce. After all, it won’t really make any difference.

Sound familiar? Hello there, large-scale agencies and low-priced content mills.

But did you know that there are specialty salts that sell for almost 40 dollars an ounce? That’s about 100x the price of regular salt. Why?

Because they are marketed as a niche product. It’s still salt, but not just any salt. People buy it because it gives their meal a little special something, which other salts can’t do.

Think dead sea salt, with minerals that help nourish your body and soul during baths and massages. Think Himalayan rock salt  — 4000 years old, the purest of the pure, and free from all the toxic residues found in today’s oceans.

Niche marketing is yours to study, learn, and make your own.

When you do, you’ll enjoy the added perks of serving those clients who need SPECIFICALLY what you have to bring to the table and are happy to pay a premium.

Viewing yourself as “just a freelancer” means you’ll forever be stuck as a commodity product, letting your clients dictate the terms of your employment.

You’re likely to end up feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and bossed around — not to mention that your cash flow will be far away from the sweet spot you deserve to be in.

It’s a far cry from the freedom you imagined when you launched your business.

That’s NOT what you were meant to do with your purpose and passion!

You are meant to rule YOUR niche of brilliance,

For the good of your buyers AND for your own bottom line.

When you find your niche, recognize the value of the service you provide, and start looking for your dream clients, your freelance career will become what it should be: a chance for you to find joy and satisfaction in your work.

You’ll serve the people you were meant to serve.

The value you bring to their table will make a change for their business, will improve their lives, will get them closer to their goals.

You’ll reap the benefits in terms of finances, freedom, and personal growth. And as you do that, you’ll figure out where you really shine and learn to direct all of your energy towards doing that.

It’s a recipe for Biz Bliss, as we like to call it.

This growth is a process, and once you get going, you’ll (hopefully) never stop. As you grow as a person, your business grows with you. As your business grows, you’ll learn new skills to handle new demands. And as you learn those new skills — BOOM! there you go, growing and expanding as a person again.

In this Friday’s Coffee Hour, I’ll be talking about the growth curves and growing pains of making your freelance business the fountain of satisfaction, growth, and — yes, wealth — that it should be.  

Sign up here to join me on Friday at 12:00 CET.

I’ll be sharing the 12 guiding truths that I use to keep myself sane and my business on track and how you can use them to start your journey to Biz Bliss and keep your dream clients coming back for more. I can’t wait to see you there!

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Are you ready to make the shift from commodity product to niche superstar?

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