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Have you ever heard about the muses of Greek Mythology?

A variety of legends circle their origin, our favorite the one where the winged horse Pegasus touched his hooves to the ground on Mountain Helicon, causing sacred springs to burst forth, from which the Muses were born.

Their numbers and origin may vary but throughout the legends, our name givers worked as a force for good, a wind beneath the wings of creativity and genius.

Just like us, today, for you.
With your personal team of (geeky) wing muses, oh the places you’ll go!

How about a glimpse at what our dream clients say about us?

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Did you know?


Calliope Street

In New Orleans, Louisiana, there are streets named for all nine Muses. It is commonly held that the local pronunciation of the names has been colorfully anglicized in an unusual manner by the “Yat” dialect. The pronunciations are actually in line with the French, Spanish and Creole roots of the city.


everyday musings

The Muses are explicitly used in modern English to refer to an artistic inspiration, as when one cites one’s own artistic muse, and also implicit in words and phrases such as “amuse”, “museum” (Latinised from mouseion—a place where the Muses were worshipped), “music”, and “musing upon”.

Les Neuf Soeurs

A famous Masonic lodge in pre-Revolutionary Paris was Les Neuf Soeurs (“The Nine Sisters” aka the Nine Muses); Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Danton, and other influential Enlightenment figures attended it. As a side-effect of the movement, the word “museum” came to refer to a place for the public display of knowledge.

What Others Say

OMG, I LOVE my new logo!!
I know that I wasn´t easy to please, but the Biz Muses took the time to really understand what I needed.
Their designer did a terrific job! The logo is absolutely amazing: the shape, the colors… they really “got” me! And the brand guidelines on how to use it are very well done.
I´m so happy with the results!

Nani Delgado

mbuna Trnalsations

Nicole has truly lived up to and surpassed my expectations. She took the time to understand my WHY and MISSION, rewrote my landing page from cliche to converting, and I’m so in love with the About Page she wrote for me. THANK YOU, Nicole, I’ll be back!

Silvia Stauss


I am absolutely thrilled with the CV and company brochure that Nicole created for me. I am a copywriter and translator, but even though I write for a living, I found it incredibly difficult to write about myself and I didn’t know what to include. Nicole has the industry knowledge to create a CV and brochure that tell my future clients what they need to know without overloading them with unnecessary details. Thank you for your expertise!

Kristal Fellinger

Fellinger Communications

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