Summertime (sing it with me!), and the living is easy:

Because no matter how much you love your business, working barefoot underneath a tree is BETTER.
And iced tea and a garden view are icing on that cake.
Mmh. Ice cream. Cake.Welcome to that part of the year when your inbox quiets down and you see fewer sales because even clients know that Summer Vacation is a thing.

NOW’s the time to practice self-care, read your favorite books or just watch the clouds roll by.If you’re like me, one aspect of self-care is caring for your business and planning for WINTER holidays when a healthy annual bottom line will allow you to gift yourself plenty for a year done well.
Because winter, my dear, is coming.

3 Things to do NOW to WIN Fall Season

Here are 3 things to do this Summer to UP your game and your visibility for your dream clients:

  1. Take a good look around your website. I bet there are some improvements you’ve been meaning to get around to. Update some blog posts, dare to rewrite your landing page to communicate 1 clear message, fix that weird-reading image that’s been bugging you. Check out our FREE DIY 60-minute Website Audit to get you started.
  2. Make sure your About Page is up to date with Google’s standards. I have a feeling this is going to be kind of important to your website’s ranking. Don’t know what I’m talking about?
    Tune in for July’s Coffee Hours, when we talk about ALL things Website Marketing.
  3. INVEST brain space (and time. and money.)
    Now’s the time to hone your skills, strategies, and systems so you’ll ROCK the fall season.

Which brings us to the Copywriting Summer School: 

Words are sort of the backbone of OUR business, but the reason there’s GREAT MONEY in GREAT WRITING?
They’re the backbone AND fuel for our clients’ businesses, as well.
Content rules the entire Internet, which means that anyone and everyone needs it to survive.
And by “survive” I mean: Words are PROFIT OXYGEN.
Speaking of PROFIT: YOU ARE SO OVER HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT THIS. Making SERIOUS money from wordslinging (looking at you, translator, copywriter, content creator) would be SUCH a nice change. Well, let’s chat. I am not a unicorn. But I do know how to sell my work. And I know how to teach you how to sell yours.

The Copywriting Summer School is JUST around the corner – classes start on July 10.

Sign up now and learn how to write up a storm without breaking a sweat.

BUT … I’m SUPER busy this Summer (or don’t feel like shackling myself to a twice-weekly live course)!
Do not fear, the recordings are near!
Gosh, that rhymed just a little bit, didn’t it?
All sessions will be recorded and are yours to watch and implement at your own pace.

BUT … can’t I join the Copywriting Summer School next year?
Yes, you can!
With fresh live sessions and, you know me, the content and resources will grow.
Of course, so will the price.
I will only sell admission ONCE. Meaning whenever you join, you’re IN.
All course updates are yours, and so is access to the Copywriting Summer Scool YARD, where peer assessment, accountability sessions and collaborations (think $!) happen.

BUT … have you taught this material before? I do watch your Coffee Hours!
Nope, darling.

I worked my pencils to the eraser and created a step-by-step, all-access workshop.

I’m ALL IN and ready when you are.

  1. Writing for Marketing.
  2. Writing for Clients.
  3. Writing for actual, serious Money.
Friends don’t let friends get stuck at “starving artist”.

Click here for your ticket to the land of healthy bottom lines and MORE BEACH TIME.

3 Things to do NOW to WIN Fall Season

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