Welcome to The Biz Muses!

Mindset, methodology, strategy, design:
We help you to evolve from business as usual to business perfect.

Your business revolves around language and communication.

But how do you get from Revolving to Evolving?
Marketing your services, implementing strategies for everything from client acquisition, to sales, to negotiating high-ticket projects, bulletproofing your business legally, and keeping up CPD momentum, these business essentials can be daring.

And who has the time, when your core business demands your attention? After all, your clients rely on you!

Entre, nous.
Call us language nerds gone business crazy.
Our mission: to propel you towards long-term business bliss.

What can we do for you? We're glad you asked:

Language Professionals =  Proud Nerds


No wonder then, that we tend to try and solve growth issues (i.e., marketing, scaling, calling in more clients) with more knowledge.

Website still a dead end? Let’s take a course on about pages and DIY web design.
No time for proper marketing? Here’s a course on how to market yourself.
Not getting the attention you want? Let me take a course on how to get more PR.

The problem is, if you’re trying to grow and market your business, then you’re probably also busy with clients, and, you know, making a living.

You don’t need more INFORMATION. What you need is a TEAM to cover all your bases.



THE BIZ MUSES strive to nourish sustainable business development through business copywriting, customized designs, marketing management, and 1-on-1 business coaching.

For all services rendered, we guarantee you will walk out of our online shop happy as peaches.

After all, we are on a mission to write up business love stories. To add the entrepreneur effect to your business. To put you on the path to long-term, sustainable success.

Let’s do some business magic!

Paula and Nicole


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