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Serving your dream clients.
Living your purpose.
Charging your value (plus tax).

That’s the dream.

But growing (up) your business is not all word slinging and your dream clients just running down your door.
The path to your wildest dreams of biz bliss is plastered with lessons learned and lighted with midnight oil.

What’s your status quo?

Lukewarm coffee and a growing longing for a sabbatical with no laptop in sight?

You’re READY to take your business all the way.

If you’re like me, then

  • the cash ebb and flow
  • the tire kickers who never turn into clients
  • the how-do-I-let-them-know-they-NEED-me-without-feeling-like-a-sleaze sales dance

weren’t on your wish list when you planned your life as a wordsmith entrepreneur.

GOOD news: Your healthy bottom line awaits!
The Internet has changed the game for wordsmiths.
Create your own chances — and make more money than ever with your talent — starting now.

Step in front of your audience with passion and panache, communicate your value in a smart, authentic way, with an air of both grace and cojones:

Learn how to be a big (and RICH) fish in a small pond.

Move from starving poet to starring wordslinger.

Ditch the overwhelm and let’s SHOW. YOU. THE. MARKETING.

The Biz Muses

Our name givers were a force for good,
the wind beneath the wings of creativity and genius.

Just like us, today, for you.

With your personal team of (geeky) wing muses, oh the places you’ll go! 

Web Services

Learning all the things and doing all the things that make a website your best sales asset?
As the CEO of your business, your time and brain space are needed elsewhere.
That’s where we come in and create your new, beautiful, high-performance website.

Design Services

We live in a world of free images, stock logos, and Fiverr graphics:
Your chance to be the unicorn in a herd of bay ponies with your PREMIUM brand visuals.
We make them crazy affordable AND one-of-a-kind.

Next Level Business

Work your way from a face in the crowd to the STAR in your niche.
Download a premium selection of templates to jumpstart your new business life.
Then dive deep into business strategy, consumer psychology, and marketing magic.

Our Clients are the Best!

OMG, I LOVE my new logo!!
I know that I wasn´t easy to please, but the Biz Muses took the time to really understand what I needed.
Their designer did a terrific job! The logo is absolutely amazing: the shape, the colors… they really “got” me! And the brand guidelines on how to use it are very well done.
I´m so happy with the results!

Nani Delgado

mbuna translations

Nicole has truly lived up to and surpassed my expectations. She took the time to understand my WHY and MISSION, rewrote my landing page from cliche to converting, and I’m so in love with the About Page she wrote for me. THANK YOU, Nicole, I’ll be back!

Silvia Stauss


I am absolutely thrilled with the CV and company brochure that Nicole created for me. I am a copywriter and translator, but even though I write for a living, I found it incredibly difficult to write about myself and I didn’t know what to include. Nicole has the industry knowledge to create a CV and brochure that tell my future clients what they need to know without overloading them with unnecessary details. Thank you for your expertise!

Kristal Fellinger

Fellinger Communications

Looking for business tips to go?

We’ve got just the Thing for you:

Hate selling? Do THIS to seal the deal.

Hate selling? Do THIS to seal the deal.

The "trick" to making the sale happens long before the actual pitch: Dare to live your purpose. Pivot or niche down or change lanes or hyper-focus. Going ALL THE WAY starts with doing business within your area of brilliance.If YOU don't believe you're one of the best,...

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